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Eli Despres co-wrote and edited the documentary BLACKFISH (BAFTA nominee • 98% ‘Fresh’ at, which was watched by over 21 million people in the US alone, has catalyzed state and federal legislation, and was shortlisted for the Oscar. 


His other writing and editing credits include the upcoming RED ARMY (Cannes • 100% ‘Fresh’ at, the Emmy-winning investigative journalism series EXPOSÉ (PBS), feature documentary CITY LAX (ESPN), short documentary AT RISK (ACAP) and the fiction feature WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS (ContentFilm/Image Entertainment), which he also directed. 


The Hollywood Reporter described his work as “Shattering… Eli Despres edits with propulsive narrative drive.”  Eli was nominated for the 2014 American Cinema Editors’ Documentary award.


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